About Hanley

Hanley ChewHanley Chew – Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Award 2012

Hanley Chew started his career in a travel agency and later an airline company, granting him the opportunity to travel vastly and amass invaluable experiences. In addition, the nature of the travel industry granted him a prior glimpse into the world of hoteliers. After a brief venture into a hotel reservation business, Hanley joined the Renaissance and Marriot Hotel Groups. In the ensuing seven years, his global experience was expanded with postings in Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, Bali, Myanmar, Shandong and Guangzhou in China. He joined the Sunway Group in 2000 under its hospitality arm, overseeing the management and expansion of the Sunway, Allson and the Banjaran brand in South East Asia, China, India and the Middle East.

In 2012, together with a team of experienced hoteliers, Hanley started his own hotel management and consulting firm, Hotel Integrations Sdn Bhd (www.hotel-integrations.com) to assist hotel developers and owners conceptualize, design and manage hotels. Over the years, Hanley developed his personal philosophy, abbreviated as H.I.R.E, which stands for Honesty, Integrity, Respect and, most importantly, Earned Trust. He holds fast to these simple yet essential values to guide him through his life and career.

About four years ago, the idea occurred to Hanley that somehow the ‘truth’ needed to be told. He wanted to collect stories from different hoteliers, and in these stories there shall lay important lessons that they don’t teach in hotel school. It was about time someone dispelled the illusion that working in a hotel encompasses merely wining, dining, grooming and smiling, and frankly he wanted to let guests know that hoteliers really do work very hard to get their money.